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Patentability analysis assesses the patentability of an invention byanalysing the three basic elements required for seeking patent protection, namely, novelty, non-obviousness and usefulness. Besides these elements, it also assesses whether there are any similar inventions available in the prior art.

Patentability/ Novelty search evaluates the novelty of an invention and enables the inventors/patent attorneys to gain insights to evaluate the patentability of invention with respect to the existing patents, products and technologies.

Patentability analysis / novelty search is usually performed prior to the preparation of the patent application to determine if your intellectual property or invention is unique or novel enough to be patented. Our patentability / novelty searches cover all of the major published literature as well as other relevant literature.

The patent search is conducted in subscribed patent databases that cover patents from around the globe. Domain relevant-literature search is also conducted. The search report cites details of the relevant patent/prior art documents, along with our detailed analysis on the same.

In Patent Analytics services, analysis of all the Patents of a company or a technology domain is conducted in order to get an overview of any particular company’s or technology domain’s patent portfolio. It helps the client to obtain knowledge about competitor’s patent portfolio, patents quality, white spaces in the technology domain, existing patents value in the market etc, and presents comparison by making information available in easy and understandable interactive interface which further helps the company to predict technological trends and allows to plan accordingly for prospective competition in the future based on the available information.

In R&D, it helps management by saving a lot of time and money on self analysis and by making available to them fast and focused data related to the various parameters of patents which helps them in making better decisions. Patent Analysis has various other applications, such as it can play a great beneficial role in areas like mergers, acquisitions, business intelligence, licensing opportunities, strategic planning and many more. Rights Reality offers a variety of Patent Analytics services such as Patent Landscaping, Competitor’s Patent Database analysis, Patent Licensing, Patent Search, Patent Valuation, Collaboration, Customized Reports, Alerts and Updates, etc. With the team of experts having vast knowledge of R&D and technical domains such as physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, biomedical, biotechnology, engineering (mechanical as well as software), etc, we make sure that the quality of services we offer to our client is top of the class.

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Client Testimonials

  • Invalidity search report presented excellent results and it was very helpful from an obvious standpoint. I was very impressed with your work product and will plan on using you again.

    Partner, Intellectual Property Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP

  • Thank you very much for your cooperation and support, which is much appreciated. Your prior art results for invalidity search were case turning and helped us to get a favorable out of court settlement for our Client

    Partner, California Based Law Firm

  • Rights Reality is among the best Patent analytic firms we work with internationally. The service Rights Reality provides and the executive summaries and charts they produce are first-rate.

    Greg Wright, General Counsel of Quality Night Lights, Inc.

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