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Rights Reality is a leading firm in patent drafting services in India. Patents are crucial documents that protect your interests, creations and inventions and Patents Drafting is a complicated procedure requires comprehensive knowledge of technology as well as extensive understanding of legal procedures and related laws. We are a certified Patent Drafting Agent in India having great experience in the field of patent industry, thorough knowledge of all legal aspects and procedures and experts in the technology who will discuss with you in detail about the various elements of your invention, will review it and accordingly, would also suggest you the ways the bolster the scope of your invention so that you would be able of utilize your invention to its full potential along with offering drafting patent services for your invention.

Rights Reality provides Intellectual Property Prosecution services across the technology lifecycle right from conceptualization of ideas to successful grant of a patent in all domains of engineering and science. Our prosecution services ensure protection to inventor's legal rights on the artistic and commercial works of creation that is the true outcome of creative and intuitive human intellect. Our prosecution services comprise:

• Patent Mining Services

• Patentability Analysis

• Patent Drafting and Filing

• Office Action Response

Patent Mining Services

Patent Mining service helps the legal counsel of corporations in identifying the various development and research activities in the organization. We assist the legal counsel in identifying the innovative concepts that can be protected. Our research team conducts on-site mining sessions where we interview the research and implementation team of the corporations to bring out new ideas and concepts that can be potentially patented. We deliver patentability assessment reports that include details of relevant prior art for the captured ideas. After the patent mining sessions, our team conducts patentability analysis for identifying patentable concepts.

Patentability Analysis

Patentability Analysis for an invention provides the inventors or patent attorneys with insights, which help them to evaluate the patentability or novelty of the invention with respect to the existing technologies. A search based on the key aspects of the invention is conducted on patent, technical, scientific and other relevant databases to find patent as well as the non-patent literature into existing technologies that seem similar or related to the invention. We help our clients identify whether there is a state-of-the-art available for the particular invention. For non-patentable inventions, our team brains storm with the inventors to redesign their inventions and making them patentable.

Patent Drafting and Filing

Rights Reality assists law firms and in-house counsel with the drafting and filing of regular and provisional patent application in different geographies of the world. Our team's extensive hands-on experience in patent drafting and diverse educational and professional background allows us to draft high quality applications and illustrations in a wide array of technologies. Our team has drafted more than 400 patent applications in different technology domains. We take special care to include every minute detail of client's invention so as not to miss out any critical aspect of their brainchild. We have the expertise in drafting patents in the field of semi-conductors, telecommunication, mechanical and bio-mechanical devices, pharmaceuticals and software.

Office Action Response

Rights Reality helps corporations and law firms in drafting office action responses for the patent application. Our research team works with attorneys, inventors and organizations to assist them with novelty of the application, prepare arguments and comments with respect to examiner's objections or rejections and amends the specification and claims which will be acceptable by examiner and enforceable under patent law.

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Client Testimonials

  • Invalidity search report presented excellent results and it was very helpful from an obvious standpoint. I was very impressed with your work product and will plan on using you again.

    Partner, Intellectual Property Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP

  • Thank you very much for your cooperation and support, which is much appreciated. Your prior art results for invalidity search were case turning and helped us to get a favorable out of court settlement for our Client

    Partner, California Based Law Firm

  • Rights Reality is among the best Patent analytic firms we work with internationally. The service Rights Reality provides and the executive summaries and charts they produce are first-rate.

    Greg Wright, General Counsel of Quality Night Lights, Inc.

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