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Rights Reality has expertise in identifying relevant prior art to invalidate a weak or particularly frivolous patent with their expert invalidity search service. Our invalidity search unearths the most relevant prior art to potentially invalidate the patent. Under invalidity search service, our domain experts interpret the scope of the patent through comprehensive analysis of patent claims and prosecution history. Through our comprehensive patent analysis and smart search strategies, we apprise our clients with relevant prior art (both patent and non-patent) results that help in invalidating the patent in question. In addition to invalidity search, we help our clients in

preparing invalidity contentions to invalidate the patent.

Under patent invalidity search service, Rights Reality also provides support to plaintiff (patent holder) in refuting the invalidity contentions. Our patent validity service includes analyzing cited prior art, understanding patent-in-suite, and preparing invalidity contention response report to prove the patent novel in light of the prior art cited by the defendant. We extend support to our clients in creating convincing arguments for each claim element against each cited prior art.

Rights Reality has expertise in both patent validity search and patent invalidity search. Patent invalidity search is the best tool by the defendant against frivolous patent cases. Our patent invalidity search covers patent documents of more than 90 countries with non-patent coverage of IEEE, Wiley Journals, and Science Direct etc.

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Client Testimonials

  • Invalidity search report presented excellent results and it was very helpful from an obvious standpoint. I was very impressed with your work product and will plan on using you again.

    Partner, Intellectual Property Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP

  • Thank you very much for your cooperation and support, which is much appreciated. Your prior art results for invalidity search were case turning and helped us to get a favorable out of court settlement for our Client

    Partner, California Based Law Firm

  • Rights Reality is among the best Patent analytic firms we work with internationally. The service Rights Reality provides and the executive summaries and charts they produce are first-rate.

    Greg Wright, General Counsel of Quality Night Lights, Inc.

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