For corporations IP strategies are integral to business strategies. Be it market selection for product/service launch, R&D investment decision, M&A or divestiture, routine employee incentive programs, competitor intelligence, joint ventures and partnerships, fund raising, sales and marketing strategies or licensing/technology cooperation, intellectual property influences them all. Both tangible and intangible assets are integral part of an organization.

Technology Cooperation: Shortening technology development and product life cycles further characterized by increasing technical complexity invariably lead to multi-technological products or services. These developments make it economically unfeasible for companies to individually develop all technologies necessary for a product or service. By managing patent portfolio, we assist in locating strategic opportunities for technology cooperation, facilitate in licensing technologies/patents, retaining core portfolios and favourably unloading peripheral IP assets.

Identifying Research Areas: Determining research focus is driven by two factors - market need and opportunity to create exclusive IP right to be exploited in future. We help understand the existing patent and technology landscape, deduce research trends, decipher paradigm shifts and situate propitious opportunities for innovation.

M&A or Divestiture: Corporate transactions involve complex valuation process. Around two third of the value of a technology focused company is attributed to IP assets. We help transaction intermediaries and corporations in assessing the value of IP assets involved in M&A or divestiture.

Raising Fund: Raising capital at right value is extremely important for the corporation. We assist corporations in transforming innovations to IP assets by drafting patents, identifying research opportunities with landscape studies, fetching right value for the technology with patent valuation and right market with our freedom-to-operate services.

Competitive Intelligence: Research investments, patenting trends, M&As, portfolio transactions and several other activities reveal competitor strategies. We help track IP and technology trends of competitors with our patent watch service and assist the companies to devise their business strategies and fund allocations in right direction.

Market Selection: Product/service launches run the risk of patent infringement with paramount ramifications. Our freedom-to-operate service is able to identify patent land mines that may harm your business and take counter measures including designing around the barriers or eliminating them.

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  • Invalidity search report presented excellent results and it was very helpful from an obvious standpoint. I was very impressed with your work product and will plan on using you again.

    Partner, Intellectual Property Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP

  • Thank you very much for your cooperation and support, which is much appreciated. Your prior art results for invalidity search were case turning and helped us to get a favorable out of court settlement for our Client

    Partner, California Based Law Firm

  • Rights Reality is among the best Patent analytic firms we work with internationally. The service Rights Reality provides and the executive summaries and charts they produce are first-rate.

    Greg Wright, General Counsel of Quality Night Lights, Inc.

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